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Connect & network with other men involved with doTERRA.

Hear talks from men of different backgrounds. 

Broaden your understanding, and find your place in the world of doTERRA.

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SHiFT 2020

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Men who are somehow connected to doTERRA... builders, husbands, partners, etc.


September 8, 2020


Salt Lake City, UT

Janae Wagner Theatre


Culturally dōTERRA is perceived as a woman driven business. The product is often perceived as a women’s product. The packaging and marketing is driven towards empowered women and mothers. Men, and fathers, are sometimes perceived as an afterthought. And men who perhaps have alternative lifestyles are rarely included - single fathers, gay men, etc. This leaves many men wondering if there is a place in doTERRA for them… As men in dōTERRA we know there is a place for us, and we want you to know that too. SHIFT is an event designed to help you see that, and to help you find your place within this universe.


The intent behind this event is not to change the culture of dōTERRA but to help men find their comfort zone within the culture of the company as it is, and to help them navigate it as it changes.  Come experience a day of encouragement and conversation centered around how men from various walks of life have found their place in dōTERRA - whether that is as a support system, or as a partner, or as something else. 



SHiFT 2020
until April 1, 2020


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