Take a look at the fun and amazing things that will be coming soon!

Out of the Box Grow-cations

Imagine once a year, being a part of a small exclusive group (think 15-20 people) setting off for an amazing and magical personal growth experience unlike any other! 

Every year, there will be a new, magical location where we will gather for a vacation unlike anything you've ever imagined. 

Picture it:

  • We rent a large private home, on the beach, in the mountains, close to amazing sites.

  • All inclusive

  • Special surprises and pampering

  • Daily personal development program utilizing local healers, shamans, guides, etc.

  • A day of service to the local community

  • Amazing tours and site seeing

  • Local cultural experiences 

  • Incredible culinary experiences

  • Connection, laughter, community, and humanity building


Out of the Box 3 Day Event

Imagine gathering once a year with 1000+ like minded people to grow, network, and support one another in being the nest version of you possible! 

I picture 3 days of workshops, experiences, special treats & surprises, and growth like you've never known!

We will meet in a different location every year, and each event will be full of magic and exciting surprises! 

The connections you make at these events will change the direction of your life!  The growth, expansion, and new awareness you will embrace at these events will catapult your life into new and amazing directions. 

These events will ALWAYS be priced to be accessible to ANYONE who wants to attend, and scholarships will be available.