Out of the Box Diamond Coaching Package (5 Calls)

Out of the Box Diamond Coaching Package (5 Calls)

Do you have team members who are feeling stuck? Somethig is holding them back, but they can't identify what that "something" is? 


With this package, you will get *FIVE* 45 minute calls that you can give to your team members in any way that you want.  You can give all 5 to one builder, or spread the love to more than one.  I suggest a minimum of 2 calls for someone to see a shift.


I have been a successful coach for over 25 years, helping others discover and clear the blocks that are holding them back from the life they deserve!  Several years ago, I offered a similar program and saw those I worked with break bariers, achieve new ranks, and create powerful results.  I only have room in my scheulde for a limited number of people, but I miss the one on one connection with people who want to grow, so I am bringing this back for a very limited time. 


I will work with them to help identify what might be holding them back, share some tips, support, and strategies to help you break through to find the success they deserve!  As a Master NLP Practitioner I can also help wiht the actual reprogramming of limiting beleifs! 

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