Welcome doTERRA Wellness Advocates!

My name is Roger Webb. I'm a doTERRA Diamond with a background in sales training & Personal Development. 

I have created several tools that have helped many Wellness Advocates increase their success with doTERRA. 

If you are looking to help your customers lock in LRP or build their Power of 3, then I have some great tools for you! Scroll through and discover the other tools I have for you!

It is my goal to make all of my tools VERY affordable, so I ask that you not share your purchases with your team. Rather send them here to get their own! Thank you! 

Power of 3 - Let's Play a Game!


One of my best friends, who is a Blue Diamond taught me something years ago, that shifted my whole view on the doTERRA Comp Plan.... When you solidify Power of 3 for young builders and customers, they will NEVER leave! 

So I took to my strategic and creative strengths and made something that can change the game with Power of 3... by playing a GAME!  Think about it... SO many people get excited about McDonald's Monopoly!  So I have created a fun game for our customers to play that will help them easily and quickly build their Power of 3 levels as a CUSTOMER! This will ensure retention and quite possibly turn more customers into sharers and builders! 

Watch the webinar recording below to learn more! (Video will be posted after webinar on October 28, 2021) (It may take a little but for the recording to process and be available to watch).

Purchase your game pack below.

 Purchase your game pack here. 

LRP! - Swap Where You Shop!

Do you struggle to get people on LRP! When you take the time to TEACH your customers how to shop, Your LRPs will increase! Watch the video below to get valuable tips on how to DOUBLE your LRP volume! 

You can get a copy of the form I use, below.

You can watch me do a sample Wellness Consultation here:

 Purchase your worksheet here. 

If you are looking for easy, inexpensive, powerful coaching/courses that will support you breaking through all those crazy things that stop you... or are just looking to improve your life in general, check out my online mini-courses