I heard this song the other day, just by chance, while I was watching some clips of some of the BLM protests, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head, so I threw this together.


Why? Why does this privileged white guy care? Because I understand my connection to the human race... The only race. We are ONLY ONE RACE, and yet through the years, we have forgotten our connection to one another.  I understand that my privilege has allowed me to grow up in a world where I don't have to teach my children how to act, speak, move, etc. when they are confronted by someone of another race, or the police. 


I made this to pay tribute to those who are putting their lives at stake every day to fight for the equality of our brothers and sisters.  We rarely hear from them.  The media does a great job of vilifying them, and making these protestors out to be the bad guys.  When in reality, they are the only ones brave enough to do what the rest of us are too afraid to do... to stand up and end the game.


Every day, I fear for the life of my daughter who is participating in this movement. I support her 100000000% - and I'm scared for her life - EVERY DAY. She has been pepper sprayed for doing nothing. She has seen her friends tackled and beat up right next to her as they marched in peaceful protests. She has had cars plow through their protest. She has had a police officer drive his SUV right at her to try to intimidate her. She had her car pulled over by SIX squad cars and a helicopter "for making a wide right turn." Every single day there is a different example of intimidation and unnecessary force.  For the first few weeks of her involvement, I was worried. I was afraid that she would get hurt, arrested, imprisoned, or even killed... I have to be honest, there have been days I wanted to beg her to stay home - and I finally got it. I remembered that I have taught her since she was a baby to stand up for what she believed in, and I finally understand her conviction and her love of equality. I am still afraid for her when she goes out, but my pride outweighs my fear. 


All the media shows us is these horrible people who are "rioting" - They show nothing of the people who are doing it right. They show nothing of the stories about WHY they are out on the streets. When the car plowed through them, the media interviewed the "innocent man" driving the car (who was wearing a bullet proof vest) and had no interviews of the people he endangered who were marching peacefully. The protestors were painted as the bad guys once again. What will it take for the world to listen?! What will it take for change?! what will it take for people to stop fighting, stop hating, and remember that there is only ONE race?!  When I REALLY started to SEE and unlearn many things from my life, I began to see SO much more clearly WHY these protests are necessary. 


Every time I read the news about protests, I'm disgusted at how one sided the reports are. What we really need right now, is a courageous reporter who is brave enough to share the stories of those behind the protests.  Their voices need to be heard. 


To those of you on the streets fighting the war of racism, I salute you, I respect you, I pray for you, and I will always back you up.  My house will always be a place of safety, refuge, and protection, and I will stand next to my daughter to fight for you... and we will not stop until you experience equality in all forms.